It is a real pleasure for us to present the first issue of the Journal of Andrological Sciences (JAS), official Journal of the Società Italiana di Andrologia. The JAS follows the pathway tracked by his distinguished forefathers. The Giornale Italiano di Andrologia from 1994 to 2005, and he Giornale Italiano di Medicina Sessuale e Riproduttiva (GIMSeR) afterwards, have represented important instruments for the update of the Italian andrological community.

Born in 1994 from an idea and from the dynamic boost of Prof. Menchini Fabris, the Journal of the Italian Andrologists knew a first innovative moment in 2005, when our friends Edoardo Pescatori and Paolo Turchi became the Editors. Their great work presents us a Journal indexed by the Elsevier SCOPUS database, full of interesting cues on many of the subjects covered by the andrological discipline.
The route of the GIMSeR has not been that easy. If we give a glance to the issues published in these last years, we appreciate the many important scientific contributions, particularly in the perspective of a Continuous Medical Education program, always taken in great consideration by the previous Editors 1. In fact, the GIMSeR has been the first scientific journal in the field of Sexual and Reproductive Medicine dedicated to the Continuous Medical Education. In order to keep in mind the articles of the last two years, and to make it easy to consult and quote them, we thought it useful to list them at the end of this first issue of the JAS.

We do really know that it will be a hard task to carry on the path tracked by the previous Editors in Chief. Thank you. Now We are the ones trying to run; certainly, together with many – we hope all – of the andrologists of the Società Italiana di Andrologia (SIA) who will help, criticize, and read us! The course we are sharing with the SIA Executive Committee has the ambition to cast the Journal in a more International setting, with a further indexing in other data bases, if possible also attributing an initial impact factor.

These are very ambitious tasks, difficult to realize, we know it. As already told, these objectives are cannot prescind from the scientific contribution that, as we hope, You all will give to the pages of the JAS with your research in the andrological field. Our task will be to make the Journal as interesting as possible, granting the scientific rigour – already present in the previous contents – and implementing visibility and diffusion on a national and international scale.